Thursday, June 26, 2014

Donde Esta Mi Agua?

Hey everybody!

It's the best day of the week, P-day! (It's kind of weird because all of the Latino missionaries say P-day too)

This week has been pretty boring, I have to admit, I'll explain a little bit more below. HOWEVER! to explain a little bit more about the title, in Peru, hot water doesn't exist. Well, not in the same way that it does in the US. All of the water here is super cold, so to heat up the water for our showers, we have a little white bell-shaped water heater connected to our shower. 
On about Monday or Tuesday, something happened to it, I think it might've been a short circuit or something, and it hasn't been working since. Oh, and it's winter here, so taking a shower without the water heater is bitter cold. So what we've been doing recently is we heat up pans of water on our little electric stove, and we've all been showering using a bucket. So, that's been fun... ish.
So, I'll give you a brief run-through of this week. (Really brief this time because nothing happened.)

On Monday was p-day, and what we did was sit around the apartment with 4 other missionaries, and we played UNO. It was pretty boring. That night we spent in a family home evening, playing games, and eating chocolate. 

On Tuesday we had a really big event. We went to... THE HOSPITAL. We went there to check up on my hips, because they're still hurting. So, we got there, and we almost couldn't get in, because the medical system here in Peru is a little... difficult. We actually had to call our health secretary and pass our cell phone over to the receptionist to get everything worked out. So, eventually we got in, and I got to talk to the doctor, telling him my symptoms, where it was hurting, etc. So, what he did was stick a needle in my hand and pump me up with SUPER HERO STEROIDS. Well, no, not steroids, muscle relaxants, but saying steroids makes me feel more like Captain America. 
So, we were sitting there in the hospital for a few hours while I was absorbing the medicine in my blood. Afterwards, they told me that I need to take some medicine, and about five days of rest. So, yeah, it didn't help at all. I've got another appointment with a specialist in physical therapy on Wednesday this week, so we're going to go visit him this week.

The rest of the week, I was sitting around being bored in my apartment. It was super boring.

So, Next week I should have more to report. 
I love you guys!
-Elder DaƱel Jacob Esmitho

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