Monday, June 30, 2014

Los Ratones y Mi Tiempo en La Molina

Hey errybody!

So another week has passed, and everything is just about the same. I don't want you guys to worry about me, I'm sure it'll all be fine. A few aches and pains have never stopped Elder Smith!

So, this week has been a great big adventure, and has actually been pretty eventful. I did a lot of stuff. I love doing stuff. So, here's the run through for this week.

On Monday, it was P-day, like normal. It was a companionship P-day, so we spent our time in our apartment. We played some cards, and I got a haircut. It looks pretty sharp. That night, we had our family home evening with our pensionista, and everything went well. It wasn't all that eventful. 

On Tuesday, it wasn't all that eventful either, other that we went over to have our lunch, and because my companion is a Mexican, he really wanted to make tacos, so we spent about an hour and a half at out pension trying to figure out how to make tortillas. It was pretty good, but I think the dough had a little too much flour. The tortillas were reaaaaally thick. 
I also made some pancakes because my pensionista wanted pancakes. XD   

That night, we went on divisions with our district leader so that my companion could actually go out and do something. So, you may be wondering, But Elder Smith, what about transfers? Well, transfers would have been that day, but we had them about two weeks ago because our new Mission President was going to arrive, so yeah, the past transfer was a little short, and this one now is going to be a little longer. (I'll tell more about the new Mission President later)

So, on Wednesday, the action started up. In the morning, we had a multi-zone conference for President Ardila's farewell. It started out with the sketches that we'd been practicing. Remember when I told you about that? The one that I had to direct? Yeah, that one. It went alright, but a lot of these missionaries are definitely not actors. It's okay, our sketch was still the best. So, the Zone conference was cool, we got a nice little pin from the mission (I'll send a picture later)
After the zone conference, I had to stick around, because later that night, I had an appointment with a physical therapist. The rest of that day I spent with the office missionaries. It was pretty cool, they're all pretty sweet. That same night, there wasn't time to go back to my area, so I spent the night in the apartment of the office missionaries.

On Thursday, I had to stick around the office until the appointment in the night, so I spent the day mostly studying the scriptures. In the night I had my appointment. What I do there is they hook me up to a little machine that sends electricity through my back to help soothe the muscles. At first, when they started it up, it felt like there were marbles rolling around under the skin on my back, and as they increased the power, it felt more like a really high powered sprinkler hose was spraying my back. It was pretty weird. But that night I had to spend with the office missionaries. Again. 
On Friday morning, my companion came back from our area with the zone leaders to wait with me until the next appointment that afternoon. So, we waited around the apartment until we could go. After the appointment we could go back to our area. 

That's about all that happened that week. The only other thing is that this morning I got to meet our new mission president, President Boswell. He's pretty cool, but I can't explain much more right now for sake of time. We just talked about my hips and things like that. It was pretty alright.
Well, that's all I have time for this week, I'll try to keep you all updated as much as I can. I love you guys! Until next week,

-Elder DaƱel Jacob Esmitho

Elder Fernandez sends his love. (He's my district leader)

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