Monday, May 5, 2014

Woo, Vamos a Hablar Por Skype!!

So, a brief run-through of this week seems in order.

What's been happening recently is about the opposite of at home. It's started getting colder (finally) and it's been like this: One day the sun is bright, and it's hot. The next day, it's completely cloudy, and it's pretty cool. I've been enjoying the cool days. I'm done with summer. I've had a year of summer. I need no more summer.

So, to explain the photo, I'm gonna use one caption. "Yeah, I can shop like an adult!?"

This week has been pretty busy, in that we've been having almost non-stop lessons. I feel so worn out, but it's okay because I feel really content with our work.  I need a break.  Luckily, this week on Wednesday, we're going to the temple! It's already been three moths since the last time, so I'm really looking forward to it.

So, I've found out that one of my areas would be perfect for a map in Call of Duty. I should submit the idea.

Actually, other that that, this week's been pretty boring. Just a whole lot of work (ugh). 

I don't have much time left either, so I'm going to leave it here. I love you all!

-Elder DaƱel Jacob Smith

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