Monday, May 19, 2014

Mi Quinta Torta!

Hello all of the bodies!

It's Monday! P-day! The best day of the week!

So first, I want to explain a little about something I mentioned in my past email. In our zone conference, I got thrown onto a table. But Elder Smith, why, and how did you get thrown onto a table?  So what happened was this. They were doing a little unity exercise. So I was seated in a chair, and four other elders were around me. The objective was that these four elders could pick me up using one finger each, and throw me onto a table. I was the one being thrown because I'm the biggest guy in the zone. I was actually surprised that it worked so well when I found myself flying through the air. So, that was pretty fun. 

So, there are definitely transfers this week, but I still don't have any information. I'll be able to tell you everything that happens... but next week. Sorry.

So, I feel like I need to explain the title of this email. In English, it's My Fifth Cake. Yes, there was cake. And why was it my fifth? Because I finally got around to making my birthday cake that came in my birthday package! We went and actually cooked the cake in our pension, but I made the frosting and filled the cake in our apartment. It's two layers of Pillsbury Funfetti cake, with a caramel filling and cream frosting with sprinkles. It's not very pretty, but it was pretty delicious. Happy belated birthday, Elder Smith!

So, another question that I didn't get to answer is about the place where a lot of people get robbed. It's a huge outdoor shopping center called Gamarra. And yes, we went there this past Monday because my companion wanted to buy a new soccer jersey. (He has like, fifteen now.)  I bought a couple of long-sleeve shirts because It's actually staring to cool down down here. (Finally!)
Gamarra Outdoor Shopping Center

So this week I had a little bit of a food filled adventure. I ate so freaking much this week, I'm sure that I've gained like, three kilos. On Wednesday, our district wanted to go and buy a chicken to eat, so I thought I'd participate. I ordered an extra side of fries too, which I thought would be small. It was about a pound and a half of french fries, and I ate all of it. I felt super fat. There were also occasions this week where I had to eat lunch and dinner twice. When I get home in a year, they're going to have to roll me out of the airplane.

Sad to say, there really wasn't a whole lot that happened this week, and I don't have time either, but I'll be sure to send more info about transfers next week. 

I love all of you!
-Elder DaƱel Jacob Esmitho

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