Monday, May 26, 2014

Mi Hijo!

Hey everybody!

Well, the biggest news for this week, is that we finally had transfers! I'm still in the same area, but... drumroll... I'm training! My new companion is a greenie, straight out of the MTC. His name is Elder Macias, he's from Mexico, he's twenty years old. He's a little bit of a clean freak, but that's okay.
Me and Elder Macias
So I'm going to answer a few things first. No, when I got flung onto the table I did not get injured. It was fun.
Second, The reason that I don't have a whole lot of time to write, is that before I do anything else, I have to write to the mission president and that usually takes anywhere from half an hour to forty five minutes.

Oh, and yes we still have a pensionista, she lives about 5 minutes from our apartment. 

So, the major things that happened this week.

On Tuesday, I had to get up super early and go to La Molina for transfers we got there at about 6:30 in the morning, and we had a reunion for all the trainers and trainees. That reunion went until about 4 in the afternoon. It was super long and pretty boring. But that's where I met my new companion Elder Macias. The rest of that day, we spent putting away his stuff in our apartment, and we went to a few appointments we had that night.

The following days we spent exploring the area, meeting the members, and working, so, there's not much to report there.
Really the biggest thing going on for me right now is that we have an investigator we're teaching that has her baptism date set for June 7th. Her Name is Nycol Fuentes. She's 18, laughs a lot, and really likes to make fun of my companions. We've been teaching her for a little while, and we finally got her to a point where she feels ready to get baptized. So that's pretty exciting. She's going to be the first baptism this area has had since January. That's because our ward here is really, really terrible. It's okay, we're working on ways we can fix the problem from the inside, but it's a lot of work for us.

So, the other big thing that happened this week is that a couple days ago I got sick. Really sick. With fever, dizziness, complete body pain, the works. It started Friday in the night, and went for almost all of Saturday too. The interesting thing is, it should have lasted for a lot longer. When I woke up Saturday morning, I could barely move, but I asked the other Elders that live in our apartment to give me a blessing. It was pretty miraculous, because that same night, (Saturday) I felt well enough again that I could go out and proselyte again. The priesthood is the best, right?
I've included two pictures of the other Elders that live in our apartment. The Elder at my side is my companion.

So, give my congratulations to Nate Hopkins! It's so exciting to hear that his call is coming this week! Be sure to let me know where he's going, and give him all of the encouragement that you can!

That's all for now folks, I gotta be running along now. 
Until next week,
-Elder DaƱel Jacob Esmitho

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