Monday, March 17, 2014


Hello errybody! 

Okay, with the camera situation, It's going to be easiest to just send the money, and I can buy a camera down here. Everything down here is super cheap, so it'll be easiest for me.

So, I don't have much time, so I'm going to give a good run-down of the week.

On Monday, it was a pretty normal p-day. However, we went over to one of the houses of a member of the stake and we made REAL AMERICAN HAMBURGERS. They don't exist down here, I almost cried. It was amazing!

Something that I've been doing recently is that I've been helping a few members of our ward with English. As I've said before, it seems like everyone down here wants to learn English. Not only that, but my companion suddenly has a fierce desire to learn English too, so I've been helping him too. So, on Tuesday we went to some of the members to help them with that. Other than that, not much happened.

On Wednesday, we went and visited with Hermana Emma again, and she is one of the craziest old ladies I have ever met. 

On Thursday, we had a multi-zone conference in La Molina with our mission president. It was really interesting, and I always learn a lot from these types of conferences.
On Friday, nothing happened. Saturday, tampoco.

However, on Sunday, I tried eating something that I'm never going to forget. CUY!! (That's Spanish for Guinea Pig) It was interesting, because I've never eaten anything that looks like a rat before.
However, it was actually really tasty, it was like a mixture between chicken and pork. I'm definitely going to try it again. And next time, I'll send pictures. (When I actually have a camera again.)

Well, sad to say that's all the time I have today to write. Thanks to everyone for all your support! I love you all!

-Elder Dañel Jacobo Esmitho

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