Sunday, March 30, 2014

Agua Fria

Hey everyone!

So, to start off is the big news! 
We had a baptism this week! Her name is Ximena Quispe. She was baptized March 22. 

The thing is, after we found her, she started attending sacrament meetings, seminary, mutual, etc. It was so easy to have her baptism because we had so much help from the members. (Oh, and the photo was taken from my companion's camera.)

So, everything down here is going super great! We had a really good week this week. I don't have time to do a complete run through, but I'll give you some cool things that happened this week.

On Tuesday, we went to the house of some members to do a Family Home Evening with them. They have a lot of problems right now in their family that I'm not going to share, but the lesson was really good, and we played a game that was really fun. It's the one where you have a beanie, a scarf, and socks that you have to put on your hands, and you have to open a chocolate bar with the handles of two forks. It was amazing.

On Wednesday, we had pizza. But Elder, what's so significant about pizza?  Oh, this wasn't just any pizza.  It was Papa Johns. I haven't had Papa Johns in 8 months. It was like Christmas and My Birthday had a delicious baby named pizza. And the best part? It was exactly the same. It tasted the same, it had the same garlic butter and peppers, it was the best thing ever.

On Thursday, we did a service project, we painted a house. It was fun. I got paint on my clothes. 

So, later in the week, we went over to a different member to have lunch. The thing is, we got to make it. We made steak, and really good rice, (I think I'm actually starting to like rice) and salad, and it was awesome.

And the crowning event this week was our baptism. This marks baptism number 7 for me. That's pretty alright. 

Well, that's about all the time I have to write today, but at least you got the gist of my week. Thanks everyone for your support. I'll try and have more adventures this week so I won't be as boring. Ciao! 

-Elder Dañel Jacobo Esmitho

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