Monday, December 9, 2013

Nieve?, Nieve? Hay Nieve en Utah? O, y Intercambios

Hey, everybody! 

I miss being in a place where there is snow in December :)! Entonces, this week has been pretty interesting. 

To start off, I have a new companion! His name is Elder Salazar (Slytherin). Yeah, that's the only time I'm going to make that joke. Elder Salazar is from Ecuador, and I finally have a companion shorter than I am. :D Elder Campos was shorter, but only by about a centimeter. Anyway, I'm out of my training, and a Junior Companion. The only problem is, I'm the only one who knows the area, so our companionship is pretty equal right now. 

Baptism Day
The Baptism we had before transfers

The week started out pretty normal, we had exchanges on Tuesday, and I showed Elder Salazar around, introduced him to our investigators, inactive members, etc. However, on Thursday, the companion of my district leader went home, (after only two days in the field), so I've been in a trio for the past few days. This isn't permanent however, and Elder Gomez (My district leader) should have a new companion soon.
Our Scary Faces!
The first performance of the missionary choir was yesterday, at the Stake Center in Sta. Anita. There were other choirs of members in that Stake that performed as well. I could tell that our choir had the most practice. :)  The Christmas Broadcast was right after the performance, but the missionaries couldn't watch it, because we needed to go back to our apartments. 
Choir Practice
Something funny about our area is that the people are really giving. Especially now, because it's almost Christmas. At almost every house we go to, they always give us something to eat. It doesn't matter if we just had lunch, we can't reject it. This is one of the ways the people here express their care for us, I guess.
P-Day Service Project
Anyway, that's really about all that happened this week, it isn't all that exciting. :P But, Thank you all for your emails, all your support, and everything you do for me! 

I Love you all!

-Elder Dañel Jacob Smith
P.S.  Here are the pictures I couldn't download last week from our Zone's trip to the Center of Lima to visit the cathedral and catacombs.


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