Monday, December 2, 2013

Acerca Eso Tiempo

Well, it's about that time of the week again.

Hey everyone! Can you believe it's already been four months? I can't. The time is flying by faster than a eagle on fire racing toward a body of water. 

Here's a brief run-through of my week:

Monday:  After I finished writing my letters, we went to the Center of Lima to see some of the sights. (It was P-day, after all.)  We went and ate at a Pollo a La Brasa restaurant (All we ever eat here in the mission is chicken. :P ) and after that, we went on a tour of an old Catholic cathedral, and some cool catacombs. So that day was pretty fun. :)

Tuesday: Tuesday was pretty much just a normal day. nothing really happened.

Wednesday: On Wednesday, I went on splits with my district leader. His name is Elder Gomez. He's from Guatemala. We went and did the normal stuff that missionaries do, so that was pretty alright.

Thursday: We ended the divisions with Elder Gomez, But later that night we had baptism interviews, so I saw him again that same day. He interviewed two of our investigators, Victor Linares, and Enoc Paz.  That's about all that happened that day.

Friday: On Friday, Elder Campos got really sick, so he spent the day sleeping and vomiting. I was fine, so I read Jesus the Christ, watched a couple of church videos, and slept a little.
That same night, something interesting happened. Elder Campos and I were going to the house of one of our investigators, Enoc Paz to go with him to an interview with the stake president.  However, when we got to his house, his family wasn't there. (Him, his wife, and their two children, all of his family are members except him), and there was only about 15 minutes until his interview. We thought to ourselves, what are we going to do, because he didn't have a cell phone and we needed to find him before it was too late, or he wouldn't be able to be baptized the following day.  So after talking about it for a couple minutes, we bowed our heads and said a simple prayer to help us find him.  After this prayer, and trusting in the lord, I felt something in my heart telling me we needed to go down this certain street. At first, this was a little weird for me, and for a few minutes I didn't listen to it. However, the more time I didn't follow this prompting, the stronger it felt. So I said to my companion, I feel like we need to go in this direction, and we'll find him. Sure enough, we followed my prompting down this street, and we found him and his family buying some movies. I actually felt a little shock when we found him, but I know that we found him because I heeded that prompting. So, that was pretty interesting. It was an experience like 1 Nephi 4:6.
On Saturday: We had the Baptisms for Victor And Enoc and we helped the Hermanas with their baptism later in the day.

Sunday: We had the confirmations of our two investigators. Other than that, it was a normal day.

So, my pictures won't attach, so I'll send them next week.

I love you all! Keep up the good work, and always have faith!

-Elder DaƱel Jacob Smith.

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