Monday, September 30, 2013

Platinos Con Arroz

So, I caught a chicken this week. . .

We were walking down the street one night and we saw a chicken running out in the street with people chasing after it so I turned to Elder Campos and said, ``Elder, este es una oportunidad para servicio!´´(Elder, this is a chance for service!) So we helped catch the chicken. I was the one who actually caught it. =D 

I also had my first baptism this week! I would have attached the picture, but I forgot the cable to attach my camera, so I'll have to send it next week. His name is Kenneth, and he was the first person I got to teach out in the field. And I mean the very first.   First discussion, and everything. It was kind of difficult to remember the words for the baptism in Spanish, and especially hard to say the name right, (The names down here are unusual, they all have a first and middle name, but they have two last names. And they're all weird Spanish names too.) However, I got it right on the first try, and we confirmed him the next day.

So I had to give a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday, and I can tell you, it was NOT easy. especially because it had to be completely in Spanish.  However it went really well, and I was told by lots of people that my Spanish was very clear and easy to understand. So at least my Spanish is progressing. :P

The food here is different but good. There´s rice for about every meal, some type of meat, usually a potato of some sort, (interesting fact, there are over 3400 different kinds of potatoes in Perú alone (I was told this by one of my teachers at the CCM, and I trust him)) and sometimes a salad of some sort. I can tell that I'm going to gain weight while I´m down here. :(

All letters and packages need to be sent to the mission home. That's the very first address we ever had that came in my call packet.  One of the Hermanas in my district was telling me that there's a lady up in Salt Lake that will bring packages down here personally, and they'll get here in like a week, so you might want to look that up. 

Sounds like lots of awesome things are happening at home! I don´t have time to write about them all, but I really appreciate all the emails I've been getting!

Yo amo todos las personas a la casa, y quiero a expresar mi sentimientos. A veces las cosas no serán fácil, pero si nosotros perseverar, nosotros seremos bendito. Yo he visto las bendiciones de mi misión, y yo deseo ver las bendiciones en ustedes vidas también. El tiempo iremos rápido, entonces siempre recordamos a hacer todas ustedes podemos a servir, y ayudar. Yo amo ustedes muchos!

With love,
-Elder Dañel Jacob Smith

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