Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Semana Dos

Howdy, Everyone!

Here's a little story for you. It's about our golden investigator Frank. We met him on Sunday, and gave him lessons every day until Wednesday, and he was leaving the next day, so he really wanted to be baptized,  that night, after four days. So we set everything up, and everything looked good for the baptism. Sadly however, I'm not sure exactly what it was, he wasn't able to get baptized, and we haven't had contact with him since. It's just super crazy porque he wanted to get baptized after four days! I've never met anyone who wanted to be a part of the church that much. I really hope he gets in touch with the missionaries wherever he is now.

Anyway, Elder Campos is from Chile, (it's kinda funny talking to people because the relationship between Perú and Chile is a  little iffy), but he's a fantastic missionary and a great trainer. Everyday I understand him more, so it's really helping my Spanish to have a native-speaking companion. 

Understand this about Lima, it's big! Really, really big. Literally one of the biggest cities in South America. It's actually made up of a ton of little cities, (kinda how all the cities in the Salt Lake Valley kind of mesh together) So I'm in Lima, But I'm not in ''Lima''. Kinda confusing. 

For our food, all of it is prepared by our pensionista, with the exception of meals at the houses of members.  We always have to lock the gate, so eventually I'm probably going to get a key. I haven't taken any pictures of the apartment yet, but I'll send some in my next email. The inside of the apartment is actually pretty nice. A lot nicer than some of the other missionaries apartments. :P

My clothes are great, we have a hermana that does our washing for us, so that's really nice. With my shoes, The ECCOs are holding out fantastically, but the other pair, the soles are starting to wear out pretty fast.
On P-days out in the field, it goes sort-of like this. It starts out like a normal day, except we clean the apartment. We head down to eat breakfast, then head off to write our weekly emails to our families and the mission president. Afterwards, we head out and eat lunch at a restaurant, usually chicken. 

Last week we got into out sport clothes, headed over to the church, and played some fútbol and voleibol. Oh, and we got to watch Bolt in Spanish with subtitles. We then eat dinner, then get back to work teaching and proselyting. It's pretty alright.

The language is hard, and at times I feel discouraged, but I've seen the miracles working in my life, especialmente el don de lenguas, (gift of tongues).

There are so many wonderful people here in Perú, and I'm blessed to be able to serve them.

Yo sé la obra es difícil, pero lo es la mejor obra en el Mundo. (I know that the work is difficult, but it is the best work in the world). Yo puedo siento el mano del Señor trabajando en mi vida, (I can feel the hand of the Lord working in my life) y yo lo siento cambiando mi en muchos cambios.  (and I feel it has changed me in many ways).  Mi testimonio de la iglesia mejoré y con todo es mejorando. (My testimony of the church is growing and with everything it is getting stronger). Yo tengo un firme testimonio y no puedo paro. (I have a firm testimony and it won't stop.)

That's all I have time to write today, but I love all of you so much! Never give up, even if your trials are great.

Hoorah! Hoorah for Israel!

-Elder Dañel Jacob Smith

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