Sunday, February 9, 2014

Arriba en Llamas! (Not the Animal)

Hello, hello my beloved family and friends!
It's been six months already, so you all have probably forgotten about me.

First off, I am praying fervently for Emily. The other missionaries in my district too.
Sand Snowman (Not Daniel's)
You all should feel lucky that you're freezing up there, I'm sure you don't want to be burning your buns off like I am. :P I tried to make a sand snowman, but it didn't work, and I felt sad inside.
I have to say that although there is still a lot of dust, the air is a lot clearer here in Happyville. For that, I am super happy.

Oh, and the chicken foot last week? It wasn't all that bad. It was like a chicken lollypop that had fingers, and was slimy.

And did I burn a tie? Yes, yes I did. For my six months, Me, my companion, and one of the pre-missionaries in our ward celebrated with the tie burning and PIZZA. It was epic. Enclosed is a photo of me squirting rubbing alcohol onto the burning tie. :D It was an epic night, and super fun.

It's time for a story! 

So, me and my companion were going out to Plaza Vea (a super market) to buy some medicine for his eyes. On the way back, we saw a swarm of the Jehovah's witnesses. I thought to myself, oh shoot, we're probably going to half to talk to one of them. I was right. One of them eagerly stopped us to tell us about the kingdom of Jehovah in the earth. I have to congratulate them for their eagerness. The thing is, she kept talking... and talking... and reading weird scriptures from their translation of the bible... and talking some more. The thing is, whenever we tried to read a scripture, or share our opinions, she shut us down... and kept talking. This one Jehovah's Witness was talking at us for at least 45 minutes. The best part however, is that she gave us TEN pamphlets. TEN OF THEM.  Later I got a chance to look through them and see all the false doctrine, but it was an... experience. I feel a lot less inclined to listen to them because they refuse to listen to us. I was actually pretty impressed with her knowledge of her Bible though. Good work, I guess.
So we had a pretty cool experience this past week. We were in a lesson with Hector again, he had almost all the lessons at this point, and a plentitude of assistances, the only thing he was really missing was the date for his baptism. So, we were teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, and after we had finished talking about baptism, he started expressing his feelings of how he wanted to be baptized, but didn't feel ready. I explained to him the importance of baptism, and how he is ready to be baptized. I felt an impression of the spirit to invite him to be baptized this same week... and he accepted. I saw the look on his face was a mixture of amazement and excitement that he could do it so soon. It's so cool to see how the spirit can touch the lives of these people, and the part most important is that the Lord doesn't need people to be perfect to be baptized. What he needs is people who understand and want to be baptized.

So that's the good news for this week, we're going to have a baptism this Saturday. :D

Well, those are the three big experiences for this week. Sad to say, I'm almost out of time, so be good all!! I love you and I'm praying for you!

With pantalones,
-Elder DaƱel Jacob Smith

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