Sunday, January 26, 2014

Surco? Donde esta Surco?

Hello Friends and Family! 

First off, Let's answer a few questions.

Nope, I'm not used to the humidity. I am currently dying of heat. I sleep okay, it's just super hot. 
Bugs, Ha! Bugs, HA! Yes there are lots of bugs. The mosquitoes make a meal of me every night. They especially like my feet.

And now the bigger news. I've been transferred! I am no longer in Stake Vitarte, San Francisco Ward, but now I am in Stake Surco, Villa Alegre Ward. Yes, that's right, I live in Happyville (Villa Alegre).  Another thing is that I went from one of the poorest areas in the mission to one of the richest, so there's a huge contrast between the two. The only thing is that the people aren't as receptive here, so we're going to have to work really hard.

Villa Allegre

So that's the first piece of news. The second is that I have a new companion, Elder Ortega. Elder Ortega is from Chile, He's 25, he has about the same time in the mission as I do. 

This week was mostly spent getting to know my new area. It's a lot bigger than my area in San Francisco and the people have so much money. The houses are huge, and really nice. I even saw a personal swimming pool.
This is our room in my new apartment

Our Study Area

So, the only other thing that happened was that we had Stake Conference. So, I got to see how gigantic the Stake is. I've also heard that our ward is huge too, so I guess I'll see next week.

Oh, and it was my companion's six months, so we burned his tie. So that was fun. Pics included.

Sad to say, that's about all the time I have this week.  But I'm praying for you all!

Until next week,
-Elder Dañel Jacob Smith

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