Sunday, November 24, 2013

Juegos de Video y Helado

Okay, the title is a lie, I can't play video games, and I don't have any ice cream.  But hey everyone!

This week has been pretty great! But before I explain more in depth, I'm going to answer a few questions.

The dinosaur was a gift from our favorite recent convert, Hna Mary Luz! Yay!

The baptism was this past Saturday. It was for our investigator Maria Molato. Elder Campos did this one, but the next one is definitely mine. ;)

Yes, the package made it here in one piece. Thank you so much for the letters, candy, and gifts! (I'm being good and not opening them till Christmas. Or at least until I can't stand the wait any longer. ;)

Aw man. I really need that picture of the snow. ;) I actually miss being cold. :P
I can't wait until we're able to Skype on Christmas, (Yes, we get to Skype! How cool is that!) so I can see those two little trouble makers, Evalee and Kaylee. Oh, and the rest of the family too. I guess. ;)
Congrats to Dave on his new job! ¡Felicidades!

Feliz Cumpleaños, David! Did you save me a piece of that pie?

I don't have much more time, but it's been a good week. Elder Campos and I have been having some awesome adventures.

Our most recent focus has been an investigator named Enoc Paz. His wife and daughter are members of the church, and his baptism date is set for the 30th of November. He is really invested in the lessons, and he really wants to get baptized so he can be sealed in the temple with his family. 

Thanks so much for everything!

With lots of love,
-Elder Dañel Jacob Smith

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