Monday, October 21, 2013

Peru Lima Este: El Mejor Mision del Mundo

I saw a llama this week. And it may or may not have been in a zoo. (It was) 

Hola Everyone! This has been an interesting week. Right after I'd finished writing my letter home last week, the entire zone caught a whole bunch of taxis, and we went over to the big part of the city to go to the zoo. I was kind of surprised, because the zoo was actually really well kept, albeit it didn't have a whole ton of animals. A cool thing about the zoo though, is that it's built right in the center of a whole bunch of ruins, so that was really cool. 

I spent a lot of that day talking about video games with one of my best friends in the mission, Elder Stoddard.

After we went to the zoo, we walked down the street to a KFC, and I want to express something right now. The KFCs here in Perú are not, and will never be the same as the KFC's in the United States. Everything was... different... And overpriced for how much we got. No obstante, it was still pretty good, for overpriced, fake KFC.

An interesting thing here in Perú is that all the TV, cell phones, and most of the technology, (Most of) is about 5-10 years behind the United States. I feel like I'm living in the stone age. (Not really, it just helps with the analogy.) I think that the car I've seen down here most is the old model of the VW Buggy. There are so many of them down here! Elder Campos and I play slug-bug every time we see them, so that's pretty fun.

We had a couple of opportunities for service this week. We have this one hermana that we're teaching, who we helped clean her front [porch?] on one day, and scraped the old paint from her walls to prepare for a fresh coat on the next day. We're going back again this week to actually do the painting, so that'll be fun. The good thing is, this hermana is Fija, and her baptism date is on the 26th. (I'm pretty sure.)

This Sunday was a little hectic. Every week we invite investigators and inactive members to come to sacrament meeting with us, but we had a problem because we had to go get them before church, Which is at 8:00, so we had about half an hour to go and get about 15 investigators\in-active members. So Elder Campos and I split up with a couple of RM's in our ward to get them. This Sunday, we had a grand total of 12 members\in-actives attend sacrament meeting with us. 7 New investigators and 5 in-actives. It was crazy.

I've started reading Jesus the Christ, and can I just say, Wow! That book is one of the most interesting and deep books I have ever read. James E. Talmage is an incredible author, and has a fantastic way of working words. I suggest that everyone take some time to read that book.

Well, that's about all I have time to write for today, but I'll end with a joke. What did one grape say to the other grape after it got a sunburn? ¿Que pasa? Hahahaha, oh, I kill myself.

With lots of Love,

-Elder Dañel Jacob Smith

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