Tuesday, September 3, 2013

One Week Left!

Hi all,
The fact that I have one week left in the MTC is really exciting for me because I really want to get out of here and get integrated into the Peruvian Culture! Luckily, because I'm in the Lima Este (East) mission, I only have to walk right next door to the chapel adjacent to the CCM, so that's pretty nice.
Sad to say, Eric was only here for two weeks, because he knew enough Spanish to be included in the Spanish speaking Latino group, so that's what happened with him. I've met a lot of new, and very interesting people during my stay here at the CCM, and hopefully they do become good friends outside the mission.
The reason why I sprinkle my emails with Spanish words is porque yo quiero a usar the language as soon as I can, entonces it kind of seeps into everything. 
Oh, and the Mug Brownies were microwaved. They were really chewy.
The temple in Lima is definitely an interesting one. It's shaped kind of like a giant tent, the six spires aren't really attached to the main building, and it's a kind of small temple, so everything inside is really compact. Other than that, It's not all that different. Oh! And when we go to the sessions, the audio is in Spanish, but the MTC missionaries get to wear headsets that translate it into English.  I heard about the new video. A couple missionaries got to see it before they came, and they said it was really good. I unfortunately haven't seen it yet, they're not playing it in this temple as of right now. I think it's because they still have to work on the Spnish translation, so I might get to see it later.
Oh, and if you're going to send any letters or whatnot, save them for a little while, because I'm going to get my new address to send them to, so hold off for a little longer.
I'm sorry, I didn't really get to take any more pictures today, pero I'll take a lot when I actually get out into the field. They have little Internet places down here where you go and pay like a sol(~30 cents) to get Internet for an hour, so I'll still be able to send them to you on p-days.
I'm glad that Nicole made it safely to Romania, and I think she'll find that it's nothing and everything she expected.  It was the same way when I got here in Peru.  She's gonna love it.  Hopefully she's got the language down enough.
Sorry I'm not able to write much about what's going on down here, but honestly, every day is the same, so it's hard to write new things. It'll be a lot easier when I actually get to leave the CCM and go out into the field.
OH! One more thing, one of the hermanas in my district here at the CCM, Hermana Cornu's boyfriend is brother to Brandon Mull, author of the Fablehaven and Beyonders Series', so that's pretty legitimate. She said she could introduce us after our respective missions, so I may just take up on that offer.  If I can remember.

I love you all, and I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! or Easter! or... what day is it? Arbor day? Anyway, I'll write you all next week!
-Elder Dañel Jacob Smith

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